Introducing our new service: Energy Coaching

We constantly hear people say: I have my energy evaluation but what do I do now? Who should I get to do the work? What should I do first? Last?

When it comes to energy efficiency, there’s a lot of information and noise out there to sift through. We can cut through all of that. We don’t sell any products, so we’re not biased one way or another.

Except when it comes to homeowners.

We’re totally biased.

We are completely on your side and want to help you get and stay warm and comfortable, with lower energy bills. We can help you make decisions about upgrades and improvements quickly and effectively.

We’ve found that we can be really helpful in a short and focussed house visit, and most people just need a little coaching to get going.

So, we have a new Energy Coaching service in HRM and surrounding areas.

You get:
•  60 minutes of expert time at your house
•  A roadmap of what to do, and in what order (this is super important)
•  A roster of contractors we trust to do good work
•  Links to ‘best practices’ videos and guides for DiY types

Check it out here