Consulting Service

deep windowsill

We are happy to consult on your project.

What do you need help with?

  • New Construction
    • Site planning
    • Space planning
    • Passive solar design
  • Renovations
    • Barrier-free floor plans/renovations
    • User-friendly details
    • Planning for aging-in-place
    • Additions
    • Planning for Deep Energy Retrofits (‘REBlock’ program)
  • Green materials/healthy material choices
  • Mechanical system upgrades
  • Renewable energy system options
  • Energy analysis

Consulting is $150/hr + HST.

We start with a free 15 minute phone consultation with you to discuss your new home or renovation consulting needs.
We agree upon a not-to-exceed budget for consulting based on our estimation of time/effort. If at any time during the project we expect the consulting costs to exceed this figure we will notify you and gain your approval. A retainer for 30% of the total agreed budget is required upon signing the contract.

Energy Analysis Package

A detailed energy analysis for new construction is available, for a flat fee of $1500 + HST.

This package, which is based on your new home plans, includes:

  • Recommendations @ improving passive solar gain
  • Detailed heat loss-heat gain calculation on final design
  • Ventilation system equipment sizing and ducting layout
  • 3 detailed building envelope scenarios for deep energy savings
  • 2 best options for mechanical/renewable energy system integration
  • Schematic for proposed space and water heating/ventilation systems
  • Recommendations for pre-planning solar thermal and PV systems