Applied Research

We work with energy efficiency organizations and private clients to carry out applied research on energy efficient, sustainable housing.


Its fun…did we say we were building science wonks?

Learning how the different materials and systems interact in a house is key to understanding how they impact energy use, comfort, and investment.

What we do:

Modelling — over 10,000 energy usage modelling scenarios for new construction, for renovations, and renewable energy systems.
Interviewing/Surveying — builder focus groups across Canada, all about getting to Net Zero Energy, online surveys of builders who are pushing the envelope (ehehehe, little building science humour there).
Monitoring — renewable energy systems, heating systems, and weird stuff like moisture in straw bale walls.
Analysing — raw data from any source mined for useful information on energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions and financial benefits.
ReviewingThe Solar Envelope, Solar Ready Initiatives, Preplanning for Alternate/Renewable Energy, Green Building Products.
Reporting —
from Energy Use Patterns in Off-Grid Houses to Deep Energy Retrofits and Green Building Products.
— engineer and techno-wonk to plain language.
Promoting and Educating — write it, show it, say it.

Follow this link to see some of our published research work.