Design Service

The Process
  • We start with a free 20 minute phone consultation with you to discuss your ideas and objectives for your new home or renovation
  • Design fees are a big variable: A custom home can require 25 to 70 hours of design time at $120/hr. We agree upon a not-to-exceed budget for the design phase (with the exception of any structural engineering costs). If at any time during the project we expect the final design costs to exceed this figure we will notify you and gain your approval. Depending on the size of the project a $1500-$3000 retainer is required upon signing the contract.
  • Once the design is clarified, a detailed energy analysis is done, for a flat fee of $1500 (heat loss-heat gain calculation, detailed scenarios for deep energy savings, and a schemaic for proposed space and water heatIng/ventilation systems).
  • We design your new home so it will exceed ERS86 on the EnerGuide for New Houses Rating System. We design a renovation or addition to your existing home to optimize the envelope, minimizing your space heating needs.
  • We supply 10 sets of completed construction drawings
  • Deliverables for our Design Service can include:
    • Study Set (The study includes the proposed major elevations of the house, the floor plans and a preliminary cross section showing suggested assemblies. The study set is used to finalize the floor plan and overall design The approved study set is the base for the final construction drawings, and contains adequate information to work through preliminary budget issues, permit requirements and any structural engineering required.)
    • Energy efficiency measures that fit in your budget.
    • Final construction Drawings
    • Bid Documents

    We also offer customized pre-designed house plans.