Reports and Publications

 Who have we done research for?
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
  • NaturalResources Canada – CANMET, Building Group
  • Natural Resources, Office of Energy Efficiency
  • Ontario Power Authority
  • PEI Office of Energy Efficiency
  • C3
  • Solar Nova Scotia
  • Therma-Ray
A few online & print publications:

Path to Net Zero – Region-Specific Construction Options for New Housing. Natural Resources Canada.
Renovating for Energy Saving Series, CMHC.
Sustainable Products Profiles. CMHC.
Approaching Net Zero Energy in Existing Housing. CMHC.
Solar Home Design Manual for Cool Climates. Earthscan
The Canadian Solar Home Design Manual. Solar Nova Scotia
Energy Use Patterns in Off-Grid Houses. CMHC.

A few projects that are not in the public domain:

Low Energy Housing Technology Cost Index Summary Report.
Net-Zero Energy Home Coalition & Natural Resources Canada.
Improving House Airtightness: Fact Sheets for Builders. CMHC.

A few projects not in the public domain, but were cool to work on:

Solar Ready Literature Review. C3. Analysis of Solar Ready initiatives, guidelines and legislation. Part of a broader project carried out by C3 for the City of Edmonton’s Green Building Plan.
Next Generation EnerGuide Rating System – Technical Procedures. NRCan. Available late 2014 to ERS evaluators and service organizations.
Energy Efficiency Program Evaluation. PEI Office Of Energy Efficiency. Analysis of cost effectiveness of loan and grant programs for energy efficiency measures in 1800+ houses.