We provide a ‘quickie’ service to homeowners and property managers who want some guidance but don’t want a whole lot of consulting. If you’re scratching your head about the best way to carry out energy efficiency measures, what order you should do things in if you are renovating, or trying to figure out the best high-performance options for your new house, give us a call.

Coaching Service

We’ll come to your house in HRM and walk through it with you. If you have your EnerGuide for Houses evaluation, send it to us in an email and give us an outline of what you are interested in doing, and what your general budget is. That way, we’ll have a good sense of what we can focus on before we knock on your door so we can optimize the time we spend with you.

After our house visit, we’ll send you a summary of our recommendations on your best options and the order in which you should carry them out. We will also supply you with a roster of contractors who we know specialize in energy efficiency work and high performance mechanical systems, as well as best-practice publications and videos for the work you are planning to carry out on your own.

1 hour coaching session (includes summary and get-it-done resources): $150 + HST

Heat Loss Calculation

For those who are installing or replacing a heating system, or who are looking for improvements in their comfort level.

This room-by-room analysis of your house is the basis for sizing your new heating equipment. Don’t rely on rule-of-thumb sizing, especially if you are replacing your heating system after doing significant energy efficiency upgrades in either new or existing houses.

Cold drafts, uneven temperatures? The room-by-room heat loss analysis is what guides a heating contractor when testing the heating delivery system and ensuring that enough heat is being supplied to each room.

Heat Loss Calculation: $100 + HST

Custom coaching sessions available

Let us know what you need. We are happy to discuss options that suit your situation.